In Living Color

28 Jan
Feral, lithograph, 2009
Some odd months ago I found a nice black frame in good condition leaning up against the outside wall of a warehouse on some side street in Bushwick. And I thought, “Gee, frames are expensive… I’ll take it!” So I brought it home with me, discarded the tattered map of southern Maine and rifled though my prints to find something that would fit. I ended up with Feral, a simple lithograph I made while learning lithography from a live sketch of local blues musician, Feral Foster. It was suitable. But after staring at that drab black and white print in a black frame on a white wall for so long, I felt it was just screaming out for color. And why not? It’s a print after all; I’ve got enough copies and nothing to do with them.
So I flipped on the latest episodes of 30 Rock, pulled out my Prismacolors and set to work.
Feral, lithograph with colored pencil, 2012
I wasn’t so sure how I was feeling about it, but it’s amazing what a step back will do. I put it in the frame, hung it on the wall and thought, “Hey now; that looks pretty darn good.”



One Response to “In Living Color”

  1. Stephanie January 29, 2012 at 8:21 pm #

    I especially like the sleeping cat on the sofa. ;-)mom

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